Have you considered a Bucket List for 2012

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Written by Esther Denn, CCAM 

Nobody likes to talk about New Year’s resolutions because they mistakenly think that they are a waste of time.  Often resolutions start out great then lose steam and fizzle before the year ends.  The goal to lose 20 pounds doesn’t work out because you eat that fudge cake, blow your diet, shrug your shoulders and say to yourself, “I knew I couldn’t do it.”  Or you plan the perfect vacation and lose your job, receive an unexpected bill, life crisis, etc. and think to yourself, “I wouldn’t have been able to do it.”  “Watch your thoughts for they become words.  Watch your words for they become actions.  Watch your actions for they become habits.”  Anonymous  I propose that we change the word resolution to “Bucket List” and remove the negative connotation.  The bucket list gives you the opportunity to plan what you want to do before you before you “kick the bucket.”.  It allows your imagination to run free and plan those goals that you have always dreamed about but were afraid to say out loud.  I looked at http://www.bucketlist.net and found the top ten bucket list goals:  1. see the Northern lights; 2. skydive; 3. get a tattoo; 4. swim with the dolphins; 5. go on a cruise; 6. get married; 7. run a marathon; 8. visit the Pyramids in Egypt; 9. go white water rafting; 10. write a book.  I would like to offer some helpful suggestions to get started on the bucket list that I am going to use myself in 2012.

 Take five minutes out of your busy day to think about what you want out of your life.  Write it down.  “By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you want to be.”  Mark Victor Hansen   Make your goals specific.  Instead of writing “vacation” – specify where you want to go and ask yourself if it is attainable and is it measurable?  Detail the steps of when are you going, how you will get there, how much it will cost and how you are going to fund the vacation.

 At http://www.personalexcellence.com, there are six reasons listed for setting goals.  “If you don’t have a goal in life, you are spending your life running in circles and not achieving anything for yourself.” Bill Copeland  The reasons to start goal setting now are to give clarity to your vision, to drive you forward, to give you a focus, to make you accountable, to achieve your highest potential and to live your best life.

 I have been thinking about my goals for 2012.  I heard a woman on the television news saying that she was tired of struggling and getting by and that she wanted to thrive and to earn an income that would allow her to both meet her financial obligations and to enjoy a vacation once in a while.  What a great goal – to thrive –  to flourish, to make steady progress and to prosper.  I have adopted it as my own goal for this year.  My bucket list for this year will be to:

1.      Thrive in my small business and my life by staying focused, human, agile, and learning.

2.      Add two accounts to my business portfolio to increase my income

3.      Give myself permission to enjoy down time each day and relax and know what I do matters.

4.      Set aside thirty minutes a day to walk and enjoy the world around me.

5.      Change my daily chocolate habit by replacing it with fruit, nuts, cheese, yogurt.

6.      Schedule regular dental and medical checkups.

7.      Reduce my credit card debt by paying down my lowest balance, highest interest credit card first.

8.      Plan a two-day vacation retreat at La Casa de Maria in Montecito, California.

9.      Plan a two-day vacation with my grandchildren.

10.  Add meaning and appreciation to Christmas by helping the less fortunate.  Pick up 10 letters to Santa from the Santa Ana post office and fulfill the wishes of children who are forgotten.

 That’s it for this year.  I am fleshing out the details for my goals.  I am shopping for comfortable walking shoes and looking for scenic places to walk.  I am thinking about my marketing program for increasing my business.  I have the brochures for my two-day vacation.  I have scheduled dental appointments.  I have made up my mind to bite the bullet and quit the daily chocolate habit by not buying and keeping chocolate in the home.  I am resolved to pay cash as much as possible and reduce my credit balances.  I have set my eyes on the mark to THRIVE in 2012.  This is the way I run, with a clear goal in mind.  That is the way I fight.  Not like someone shadow boxing.” I Corinthians 9:26



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