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Written by:
Rémy Chaussé
First Team Real Estate
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Have you ever given an RSVP to a party or a meeting … and then didn’t show up?

Some people take this lightly, with a long list of flimsy excuses as to why they didn’t commit or follow-through. Maybe we’ve grown up from our childhood when we said the dog ate our homework, our dad accidentally ran over our science project with the car, or martians had landed in our backyard — but our excuses today tend to be just as flimsy.

Why do we commit half-heartedly?

Napoleon Hill, who wrote Think and Grow Rich, wrote that he analyzed over 25,000 men and women who had experienced a failure in life, and a lack of decision was at the absolute top of the list for the reason for their failures. Indecision is apparently a very common enemy of success.

Yet when he analyzed people who had accumulated fortunes beyond the million-dollar mark, he found that every one of them had the habit of reaching decisions promptly AND committing to them.

So the next time you RSVP for a party or meeting, and then don’t show up, ask yourself if this is a habit that on some level prevents you (and others around you, because of the example you set) from living an abundant life!

I know that for me, my word is Gold and it’s the greatest treasure I have.  If I say I’ll do something, you can bet your life that I’ll follow through.  You can count on it!

How about you .. can people truly count on you?


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