Customers Remember Moments!

March 16, 2010 at 10:08 pm 3 comments

What do you want them to remember about you?

 by Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach

As a customer, when are you loyal to a service provider?  Whom do you trust?  Even in this technology filled world, customers’ loyalty and their referrals hinge on what they remember about the service provider – you!  Customers remember moments. What would they say right now about the moments they have had with you and with each of your team members?

 Would they say?

 “They understand my property management needs and forecast issues to prevent problems.”

 “They adapt to my personality style and listen in a way that makes me feel comfortable.”

 “They are flexible and adaptive. They make my daily life easier!”

 “They know my hot buttons and biggest fears and use their knowledge to prevent crises.”

  “They follow-through with every promise they make. They are reliable and I trust them.”

 “They show me with attitudes and actions that they value my business.”

 “They know I am from another culture and have adapted to my ways.”

 “Because of the way they treat me and my property, I would highly recommend them!”

“Because they go the extra mile, I consider them an integral part of my success.”

 “They have the winning combination: integrity, experience, and great people-skills!”

In addition to property management knowledge and actions, your people-skills (formerly known as soft skills) drive customer satisfaction and referrals.  Knowledge and occupational experience in property management issues is not enough to breed customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and referrals.

 You and your entire team can ACE every customer interaction and create moments they will remember and refer.  ACE – (A)uthentic (C)omitted (E)asy.

Authentic.  Customers want you to sincerely care about themAuthenticity shines through when you paraphrase the customer’s request, use a tone of voice that reflects interest, and validate the customer’s situation including his/her emotion.  If you are face-to-face with the customer, then your body language and words reveal your level of authentic caring. 

Action steps: Take this well-known EQ (empathy quotient) test online free of charge to assess your ability to read others:

Committed.  Customers first judge your commitment from your “firsts – first greeting, first listening moment, first response, first facial expression, first tone of voice, first action

A quick story to illustrate: On one of my many trips, I was driving to a smaller city.  I had a terrible headache and no medication.  I spotted a large mall and went in to buy some Tylenol. Thankfully the first thing I saw was an information booth.  I asked the young woman in the booth, “Where is the closest drug store in this mall?  I have a terrible headache and have never been here.”  Her answer in a flat voice was: “I don’t know (IDK).”  My unspoken reaction was “Then why are you in the booth? Get out of the booth!”  Even if it was her first day, she could commit to find the answer – to care about me. Long pauses, IDKs, blank stares, attention to other people, to cell phones, and to other priorities show lack of commitment to the customer at hand. To the customer it says, “I don’t care about you!”

Action step: Start each day reviewing with staff the value of the customer.  Here’s a customer value creed to get you started:

 Easy.  Although customers’ expectations vary, there is one thing every customer celebrates and remembers – an easy experience. To do that, personalize and customize your service!

Here are 5 action steps to make the experience easy for your customer:

  • Spot his/her personality type and treat them that way.
  • Listen to and act on customers’ priorities and deadlines.
  • Speak positive not negative, forward not back.
  • Foresee problems and prevent crises.  In other words, watch your customer’s back for him/her!
  • Customize for regional and cultural differences. Understand and adapt to the regional differences in customer expectations across the USA.  Your customers may have a very different outlook if they haven’t lived their whole lives in the region you are in.  Read more …

If you live the definition of customer service and deliver it every day, your customers will remember and refer you.  My Definition: Knowledge delivered with care to make life easier for the customer!

Yours in service,

Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach  

Kate Nasser has spent 20+ years as The People-Skills Coach delivering training and coaching on professional people-skills.  Her customer service workshops and team building events throughout the USA and Canada both inspire and create changes in behavior.  Her new training DVD “Customer Service USA: What They Expect Coast to Coast and Everywhere in Between” highlights a rare glimpse at regional differences that produce customer loyalty (  Kate can be reached at 908.595.1515 or


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  • 1. Regina Mangan  |  March 18, 2010 at 10:27 pm

    excellent article with great reference points. Thank you very much for sharing this knowledge. I have particular interest in your report as I own a property lettings & management company in Ireland.

    Thanks again,
    Regina Mangan

    • 2. Property Manager's Corner  |  March 18, 2010 at 10:56 pm

      Hi Regina, thank you for your interest. Please feel free to subscribe to the blog and to link it to your website so we can increase our web presence. P.S. I lived in Cork, Ireland during the 1980’s in Farmers Cross by the airport. I was taken by the warmth and spirit of the Irish people not to mention the beauty of the country.

  • 3. Regina Mangan  |  June 3, 2010 at 10:20 pm

    HI there,
    I would love to keep informed with your articles.
    thank you.


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